In sum, my research looks at various aspects of literacy, technology, and equity.

My scholarly work bridges the learning sciences, Science and Technology Studies, and Literacy Studies. My dissertation explored the intersection of face to face and digitally mediated collaboration in online games, specifically in a 6th grade, predominantly Latino, low-income 1:1 laptop classroom. I use ethnography and video analysis (syncing camcorder and screen capture data) to analyze youth interactions through, with, and around computers/tablets with a focus on learning practices; I stand out with a focus on how hardware/software shapes social practices and vice-versa.

I have worked on a number of collaborative research projects with schools, including with Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact in designing and testing educational games, with computer clubhouses in Sub-Saharan Africa in an Intel-funded digital literacy empowerment curriculum, and with University of Arizona’s Tucson Literacy Zones project that brought together a network of schools and community organizations to raise literacy opportunities in marginalized neighborhoods.